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Improved consistency, suitability and control

The Challenge

As an adviser that’s part of a large product provider, our client needed integrated suitability tools that covered the investor to the investment. The asset management team had to check whether any changes to the model portfolios kept the right risk level for investors.

Our solutions

Funds Risk Assessor

The benefits

  • Ensures cases are suitable across the board
  • Makes sure the advice suitability process is consistent
  • Gives our client control over how investments are put in place and monitored
Investment advice tool

Expanded market reach and improved decision-making

The challenge

We worked with this Discretionary Fund Manager as it was creating a portfolio of funds. The team had to be able to describe the level of risk each is taking to the advisers using it.

The benefits

  • Lets the business sell its DFM portfolio to advisers who use our risk questionnaire and asset allocations
  • Expands its potential market
  • Lets advisers make the right decision about which portfolio to use
Investment advice tool

Created a highly successful fund with significant market share

The Challenge

One of our clients wanted to run a risk-targeted managed portfolio. It needed a methodology that could be described and justified as to how risk is managed. A fund for each risk profile was required, and a sensible asset allocation provided so the funds could be chosen accordingly.

The benefits

  • Gives the business the ability to run a highly successful fund for the last nine years, which has over £4bn AUM across the range
  • Lets the portfolio provide consistent performance while remaining on risk, even through turbulent markets
  • Has helped the business gain significant market share
Investment advice tool

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